100 Days

100 Days

Book - 2016 | First edition.
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Aug 01, 2018

100 Days, written by Nicole McInnes, is a heartbreaking and heartwarming book about the power of friendship. Nicole McInnes has done a fantastic job to write 3 different point-of-views of 3 totally different, but much alike, friends. When these 3 friends; Moria, Agnes, and Boone are caught in a whirlwind of problems and different feelings, Agnes is the one that brings them together and will hold the trio together. Agnes is in the middle, as she's fighting for her life, with Moria and Boone protecting her each and every day. In the book, all three of them have their own problems and all of them have their personal secrets. The author does a great job of adding in a society "problem", which is body shaming and insecurities. Moria is big, and she doesn't really love herself until she notices that no one really cars about the person outside, they care about the person and personality inside. This problem is something everyone faces, whether it's for a minute, a week or your whole life. Nicole has done a great job mixing in social issues, medical issues and personal issues in a wonderful book. This book will make readers think that everyone has problems, not just them. I enjoyed reading this and I hope others will too. Rating 5/5.
@EMBookWorm14 of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Mar 30, 2017

This book was an amazing story. It was in a way simple but heart warming. I absolutely loved it. I finished it in 2 days flat... During limited free time. I would totally recomend this book. It was very satisfying to finish. Hope this aouthor writes another book, would like to see more novels simmilar to this. Was definitely a relatable, and covered some of the emotions well.

ArapahoeStaff1 Feb 15, 2017

This is a fantastic novel with lovable characters! There is a lot going on this book, from dysfunctional families, to disorders, to friendships and more. I loved the combination of narratives and time periods culminating in a narrative that will leaving you wanting more!

Oct 14, 2016

A really heartwarming book but if only the book was a bit longer. Otherwise, I recommend it.

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