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Dangerous Gift

Dangerous Gift

Wings of Fire Series, Book 14

eBook - 2021
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Chun-Hung H Liu
Jul 30, 2021


The Dangerous Gift, by Tui T. Sutherland, is the 14th book of the series Wings of Fire. Because it is the 14th book, you must read the previous 13 books to better understand the book. This book takes place in a fictional world of “Pyrrhia,” a continent populated by various dragon tribes. This book focuses a lot on the IceWing tribe, particularly on a dragon named Snowfall. Snowfall has become the new queen of the IceWings (at such a young age), and she’s trying her best to keep the IceWing tribe safe… by using magic and isolating the kingdom. However, things start to backfire as a swarm of foreign dragons from a different continent, Pantala, start seeking refuge on Pyrrhia, due to some troubles on Pantala. Unsurprisingly, Snowfall does not trust these foreigners and starts making plans to kick them out of the Ice Kingdom. However, kicking them out does not seem like the best solution, so she must find other ways of protecting her kingdom.


I feel like this book was not too good and not too bad. In my opinion, it did not have lots of action involved in the novel-- there were very little “tense” moments in the book. To me, I had trouble understanding what the first section of the book was discussing-- it was sort of boring. I also think this book was quite bland compared to the other Wings of Fire books. However, I did enjoy the character development of Snowfall throughout the book. Although there wasn’t that much action, there were lots of mysterious things in the book. Another thing I need to mention is that you do figure out many mysteries that happened in the previous book. In conclusion, I think this book was not that good, but at the same time, some parts can make up for the boring parts. I will recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and dragons.

Jul 19, 2021


Jul 13, 2021

A Dangerous Gift is a great book from the Wings of Fire book series. It gives us readers the perspective of one of the queens, Queen Snowfall as well as look into IceWing culture. It was a bit predictable which is why I only gave it 4 stars, the grumpy untrusting queen turning into a compassionate dragon. But besides this small flaw it is still a wonderful book for fantasy readers.
The visions Queen Snowfall gets are a great way to show readers the perspectives of other dragons who were part of the cliffhanger in the last book, this detail I really liked. I didn't like how the character development was predictable though. I would recommend this book for people the ages of 7 and up. It is a great book for people who want to see animals in a human-like society. The writing is fantastic and makes the readers anticipate for the next book. In conclusion this is a nice book for all types of readers.

Jul 13, 2021

series gets better over time

Jun 30, 2021

A Dangerous Gift is one of my favourite Wings of Fire books. It’s one of the first books to give us insight into the life of a queen, plus more IceWing culture and animus knowledge. The way that we are given knowledge into the Pantalan dragons without being given their direct POV was done well. This book had some tropes and was sort of predictable, it’s still one of my favourites from the newer books.

Jun 09, 2021

I feel like ever since the poison jungle was released this series has just... fallen from it's throne of tween books. Tui made the same mistake as the warriors series. after omen of the stars Erin messed it up.

May 26, 2021

Predictable. It was a predictable book. The character arc was especially predictable-- the conceited paranoid person learning to trust and care. I think I've heard that one before.

I used to really like the Wings of Fire series, but now....

Sutherland is making the same mistake as many authors. The books did well, so she didn't stop. And now the characters and plots are the same.

Books 1-5 were really good. 6-10 were great. But it's all gone downhill from 11 :(

May 18, 2021
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May 17, 2021

This is a fun read that does further the overall plot and definitely whets your appetite for the next book, but it's not the strongest volume in the series. Snowfall's coming-of-age story is fine, highlighting the importance of empathy, but I simply didn't like her as well as the previous point-of-view characters. Even a below average Wings of Fire book is an enjoyable read, though, and some of the human-related plot points are getting very interesting indeed.

May 15, 2021

Okay- so I didn't read it yet (#86 on hold), unfortunately, I didn't realize the book was out aaand was really behind. The only reason I knew was my friend told me about it. The cover (as always) is really nice! I read a PDF sample and it was all from Queen Snowfall's perspective. Is the rest of the book like that? Also- are the dragons from Pantala finally gonna come to Pyrrhia? I honestly can't wait to read it- and I'll update the comment when I do :D
(you'd probably already know this but if you didn't read book 11-13, since that's pretty much what you need to read- although you might not understand some parts I'll recommend you read books 1-13 if you can, 11-13 is you can't. Also you should try to read "dragonslayer" first too. and "the legend of Darkstalker" if you want.)

Apr 26, 2021

Can't wait for the next book! it's apparently going to be from Luna's perspective, so I am definitely going to request it on the library asap

Apr 21, 2021
This content contains spoilers and is hidden.
Apr 12, 2021

Will we get a better description of the book because it doesn't even give one I am going to read it but all the other books have had a description, is it just too early to have one?

Apr 03, 2021

This story is well written and very detailed. You can really understand what the characters are like through what they say, what they feel, and what they think. For example, Queen Snowfall fears the strange dragons approaching her kingdom and wants to attack them. But Lynx, who isn't afraid of the strange dragons, wants to greet them and see what they want. The events in the plot are well thought out, as there were lots of unexpected twists that kept me wondering what was going to happen next as I read. I don't want to give too much of the plot away, so I won't tell you what the twists are. Overall, this is a great book that has several surprises in the plot that make it interesting and gripping. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out thanks to this book!

Mar 30, 2021


Mar 30, 2021

I love wings of fire books. I am very happy a new one has been released. I've been waiting sine the last one came out.

Mar 27, 2021

The book reveals what happens to animus magic.

Mar 27, 2021

i can't wait till the library opens so i can get it

Mar 26, 2021


Mar 12, 2021

About time... wish you could speed up the ordering process though!

My copy arrived on March 2nd when the book came out! I really * Takes a deep breath to calm😮 myself REALLY👍🏻 REALLY👍🏻 like this book +100 !!!! It's just so cool😎 soooo good💜 such good💜 character growth and all the characters are really great all have their own unique personality and growth of character as a dragon🐉! And also I loved💜 seeing character we have not seen in a long time like WINTERR! I love how he had some major character growth. [I do wish Moon🌑, Winter⛄ and Lynx💙,] [ Kinkajou, Turtle🐢, and Qibli ⌛had more scenes too] How must one go on and wait for book 15?!🤣 I'm still exicted that there are 3 new wof books coming 2022, and I'm planning to send a letter to Tui.T Sutherland😅😄 -@Ultimate_Wof_fan
( Wof just makes you wanna meet a dragon)🤣🐉🐲(´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

Mar 01, 2021

I'm so excited!!!!!

Feb 21, 2021

It’s almost out and I’m still holding on to life.....for now

Feb 15, 2021

I loooooove this series I want the book to come out

Feb 13, 2021

I can NOT WAIT till it comes out. I need to know what happens. maddox

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