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DVD - 2019 | Spanish subtitled version.
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Christian Bale stars as Dick Cheney in this epic tale of how a bureaucratic Washington insider quietly became the most powerful man in the world. Co-starring Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Sam Rockwell, it is a darkly comic look behind the scenes of American politics.


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Jul 17, 2021

Originally I wanted to make a joke about how funny this is, especially based on who wrote and directed it.

However, I had forgotten just how central Dick Cheney was to so many things which were wrong.

Sam Rockwell’s performance as ‘Dubya’ is, frequently, downright spooky. I’ve loved his work since seeing him in Duncan Jones’ “Moon,” but here he really submerges himself in the character and I, once again, have the desire to punch the younger President Bush for being such a malleable nit-wit.

More than anything, however, this excellent picture puts into perspective that it is important not just to look at the personality of the person you’re voting for, but also look at the policies and coterie of advisers who draft those policies as well: do ALL the diligence.

Easily recommended.

Apr 10, 2021

Amazing movie...

Well written, well acted, and jut an all around good movie to watch.

Dec 03, 2020

Did not enjoy this movie. Story line was hard to follow. Christian Bale’s transformation to Cheney was great, which was the only highlight.

Nov 15, 2020

I couldn't get into this. Cheney creeps me out

Nov 15, 2020

Great performances and very entertaining. I did not live in States during G.Bush so I don’t know how factual it is or at least which part is fabricated . Very messy there are many themes mashed together. Some moments caught me by surprise like the mid credit roll ( very funny) . Very strange movie indeed.

Sep 26, 2020

The thing with watching American’s politic is that it’s either Republican or Democrat, both have hunger of power and influence, try hard to get people buying into their point of view through mass media, claim they are the truth / fact, none are innocent. I compare this movie with Darkest Hour 2017, this movie is boring and too long.

Jun 16, 2020

Really good and entertaining film by Adam McKay! I love his stuff, including this one! I remember thinking that this was a crazy perfect movie! Bale is on another planet, he's a ridiculously amazing actor. The cast was solid, but Bale steals it. Great watch, highly recommend this one!

Jun 14, 2020

The film is light on data/facts & makes unsubstantiated claims. The take away is Republican politicians including Cheney are schemers, greedy, and basically evil. In essence, a Democrat promotional film. I very much worry that people will watch this film and assume that it is accurate.

Feb 10, 2020

Wildly uneven biopic of Dick Cheney. The make-up dept. gives the greatest performance. A better title would've been "Dick." I was surprised he had so many heart attacks because, well, I guess that means he has a heart. To the dissenters, it's not "liberal propaganda" if it's true.

Jan 31, 2020

a half hour was too big a slice of the unwatchable lead character; just say no.

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Jun 16, 2020

Anonymous: Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest... he strikes.

Apr 27, 2019

***SPOILER ALERT*** For references after the film

The one minute long spoof during the long end credit on the movie review focus group:

Man1: Something's been bothering me this whole movie and I just figured it out. The whole thing's liberal. It's got a liberal bias.
Moderator: Interesting. Does anyone else feel that way? ... One, two, three, four people. Yeah, go ahead.
Man2: It's all facts. Right I mean, they had to vet all this with a lawyer. How does that make it... What's liberal about that?
Man1: You would say that, lib-tard.
Man2: Okay, I'm sorry.So, because I have the ability to understand facts, that makes me a liberal?
Moderator: Okay, guys, let's just take it down.
Man1: You probably like Hillary.
Moderator: Let's take it down a notch or two, okay?
Man2: Idiot. Okay, first of all, Hillary's not president. Okay? The-the-the orange Cheeto that you hired is the president and he's ruining the country...
Man1: Trump is the best thing in this country.

Apr 27, 2019

***SPOILER ALERT*** *For references after the film

The end justifies the mean?
I can feel your recriminations... and your judgment... and I am fine with it. You want to be loved, go be a movie star. The world is as you find it. You gotta deal with that reality. And there are monsters in this world. We saw 3,000 innocent people burned to death by those monsters. And yet you object... when I refuse to kiss those monsters on the cheek and say "pretty please." You answer me this. What terrorist attack would you have let go forward so you wouldn't seem like a mean and nasty fella? I will not apologize... for keeping your family safe. And I will not apologize... for doing what needed to be done... so that your loved ones can sleep peaceably at night. Has been my honor... to be your servant. You chose me... and I did what you asked.

Apr 27, 2019

Surprised that Rumsfeld's "Known-Knowns-unknown" speech was not mentioned at all. One may disagree with his politics and motives but being a doofus as portrayed in the film, he is not:

‘There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know.’


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Jun 16, 2020

Other: Smoking and alcohol consumption


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