Why I Left Goldman Sachs
Why I Left Goldman Sachs A Wall Street Story By Smith, Greg Book - 2012 | 1st ed.

A nice Jewish boy writes an enjoyable reminiscence of going to ‘Goldie’ (Goldman, Sachs), a valhalla of financial legal crime. Of course, Greg is very smart and VERY A-type over-achieving. This is what Goldie recruits; the retention rate is very LOW. Goldie burns out these alphas young and feasts on their carcasses. ======= These guys come in NOT KNOWING MUCH. Can you believe this? Imagine medical doctors practicing on you learning on the job? WOWs-ville, man. ======= This guy does seem definitely to be a good guy, but man was he naive. He bought all the ‘Harvard’ style hype of a ruling class institution. Most of the Hitlers are dupes, as is classically always. The real demons are shills and know EXACTLY what they and the ‘firm’ are doing. ======== Very sparse on trading or derivatives, but, if you already know how it works this is a pleasant story. Several better books about the real “Big Swinging Dicks” rocking our World, but this will sell and this guy will make yet more $; so it goes for those wired to succeed (at anything). My real anger here is in the down-playing of how irresponsible all this deregulation really is. Starting w/Reagan, the TAKE-OVER of the dumbed-down US and World is centered on the Financial Institution here because of the repeal of Glass-Stegal (sp?). Bad Cops are legal! These thiefs are legally allowed to take everybody’s money! Smith does describe this well, but only at the very end. They have knowledge of both sides of all trades. They can’t lose. The CDS’s (betting against their own clients’ firms) should put these guys in the electric chair on live tv! The medical doctor treating your loved one knowingly prescribed a drug that would kill them and was paid off by the Drug Co for doing so. My only amazement is that this was actually stated publicly as the cause of the financial crisis. The only greater amazement is that ‘we, the people’ aren’t stopping it. ======== Not to worry, be spiritual. I mean it, be spiritual and move to the new world. I’m not kidding. [in Goldman London the criminals prance around in $8,000 suits w/o ties, 2 buttons open for chest hair. War Crimes Tribunal anyone?] [Anyone paranoid about the British still?]

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