Our Souls at Night
Our Souls at Night A Novel By Haruf, Kent Large Print - 2015 | Large Print edition.

I usually love “quiet” stories, but this one irritated me. Maybe if you don’t buy the premise (a widow asks a neighbor to share her bed at night so she has someone to talk to?) then the story feels shallow. It also bothered me that the man she invites keeps considering her good figure, and how moonlight falls on her shoulder, and how her soft skin appeals to him - it feels like he’s on a certain trajectory (sex) and she’s on another (companionship.) I just found the whole thing unbelievable. The writing style is also very clipped - kind of like this: he got up, walked back to his house, ate some cereal, did a crossword, fixed some lunch, and took a nap. Very dry. I don’t need writing to be lush or poetic, but it needs to be more than a list.

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