I was enchanted from the very first picture! The author/illustrated knows how to use facial expressions in her art that tell a story even without words. There are actually two stories going on. One is the afraid llama who isn't sure about sleeping alone and the other is the mama who has lovingly put her child to bed and then goes about her evening tasks.
This is a very realistic story. Kids get scared sometimes and parents get busy. I love when mama says she is always with baby llama even when she can't be in the room with him and this reassures him.
There are a lot of high emotions swirling in this book. Baby gets very scared, he behaves badly, mama gets frustrated. I still think this is a great read-a-loud book. You can sit down with your child and discuss the many emotions as you read. You could also discuss how baby llama could handle his situation better. I disagree with the bad reviews that say this book promotes bad behavior. This is how kids already act. The book is a comical view of the real world. I say read it out loud. Laugh with your child and teach him/her something through this book. And again, the illustrations are amazing!
Would I recommend this book? YES. Especially as a teachable moment read-a-loud

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