WHAT LIGHT deserves way more than my 5 stars. I read it possibly around a year ago but I remembered it again when I recently read 13 Reasons Why. It is honestly such a feel-good book and soo different from many common YA book. You should DEFINITELY add it to your TBR list because...WOW!

I was looking through my library's online database to find new books. I usually just search Teen or YA books published in the last 5-7 years (I do read older books sometimes but when I am searching for titles, I always look for recent ones). Pages and pages came up and I began browsing through. I am a big believer in (Judge-a-book-by-its-cover) so when I saw WHAT LIGHT, I fell in love with the cover. That prompted me into reading the synopsis and I checked it out immediately. I finished it in less than 24 hours because it was really good!

I have always loved Christmas and holiday/winter reads because the setting and the tone/mood of the book always feels like snowflakes falling. Yes, I am weird, I know but that is what it feels like. I loved the book from beginning to end. I also tend to sympathize with outcast characters or ones that are considered with a bad past. Caleb was no exception. I also loved Sierra because she is such an angel. She is one of these people looking for lost souls almost and rescuing them. Everyone warned her about Caleb and yet she chose to get to know him and then make a judgment. It's a classic love story where one or the other is adamant at helping their other overcome something. Ignoring all disapprovals, Sierra made everyone see that *they* are wrong. The ending is also very sweet. I wished the ending had something more but I get the ending. I understand why Asher made it that; the end on a soft tone rather than a big bang. The characters, plot, setting, everything was beyond amazing and the cover could not be more accurate in depicting the feel of the book.

Overall, I truly loved this book and re-reading it is very near in my future. In fact, I may re-read it in a few weeks because it was such an amazing book and much better I found, than Thirteen Reasons Why. This is the kind of book that will cheer you up. It is also the kind of book that you read with marshmallows, hot chocolate, while it is snowing. Hmmm all of which I may try in my re-read. Of course snow isn't predictable but the book can be read at night or gloomy days. Honestly, it doesn't matter when you read it because you will love it regardless.

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