The book What Light is a wonderful read for anyone who loves a good holiday romance. The atmosphere is warm and fills your heart right up. I never wanted the book to end and always wished for more pages but sadly every book has to end at some point. Jay Asher’s style of writing encourages the reader to continue to keep reading and never stop. I would want to read a sequel of this book in the future.
What Light is about a typical girl named Sierra who sells trees during the holidays with her family. She decides to not get involved in any type of holiday romance even though she is encouraged to do so by her best friends. However, that changes when she meets Caleb whom she is amazed about because of the good deeds that he does during the holidays.
The characters in this book is well structured and very realistic. They grab you and make you apart of the story which is why I considered this book a second world to escape in. I personally enjoyed reading and viewing the lives of each of the characters even if they were minor like a family friend.
The main idea of the story is to not judge a person by rumours but instead get to know them without having any doubts. I would rate this book 4.5/5

Reviewed by Shilpa S. for Teens Read it First,

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