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The Leavers
The Leavers By Ko, Lisa Book - 2017 | First edition.

From: Ghettostone Publications Company's Editor/ Chief Michael R. Brown and the BEST SELLER'S BOOK CLUB, a review of "The Leavers" by Lisa Ko.

The book "THE LEAVERS" an enriching award winning story about one of America's hottest issues "immigration" and the hidden world of "ICE" agents and their devastation on families.
Deming Gu and Polly Gu mother and son have been through a lot. Immigrating to the U.S. from China, escaping loan sharks and being separated for years without knowing the reasons why. This well written story draws the reader in emotionally through the story of a young teenager working hard to get somewhere in life. And the personal sacrifices made by thousands of immigrant families brave enough to search for a better life. The readers are given a first person perspective using individualized descriptions of experiences while introducing it's readers to "the process" of government intervention and it's personal impacts on people's lives. The twists and turns are complexed, heart felt, gripping and telling. Making "THE LEAVERS" a story that is hard to deny in a country where the realities of migrating are much more that the surface political arguments that American dane to discuss...!

THE BEST SELLER BOOK CLUB and it's leader Michael R. Brown, highly recommends this most worthy title to all of our life long learners...! Enjoy- This title marks the end of summer 2019's reading lists...! But we are far from finished....!


Michael R. Brown, Editor/Chief
Ghettostone Publications Company

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