The Blinds
The Blinds By Sternbergh, Adam Book - 2017 | First edition.

The Blinds is a different kind of town. It's a small population in the middle of nowhere Texas comprising of people who don't really know who they are. They arrive with very specific parts of their memories removed. They're criminals, witnesses to terrible things, and the like who are there for their own protection. They can leave whenever they'd like but the understanding is their chances on the outside aren't good.

It's been quiet until there's a shooting - and only the "sheriff" has a gun.

We have a murder mystery and a western wrapped up in one with our small town dealings, and politics, compounded by the government's involvement and the knowledge that most of the people living in town are not innocents; even if they don't remember what they did or saw. It's a good read, very noir like at points too.

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