The Blinds
The Blinds By Sternbergh, Adam Book - 2017 | First edition.

Welcome to the Blinds, the next step in witness protection. Where new residents travel to an isolated compound in the remote and dusty Texas landscape, 100 miles from any living town or being, a place where the population is comprised of dangerous criminals given a second chance, and innocent witnesses who would be in danger out in the world. The catch is that the residents must undergo a procedure that erases specific memories from their past. If you don’t know what makes you dangerous, you can’t reveal it and give yourself away. In the Blinds you begin anew and follow three simple rules: No one other than new residents may come into the town; absolutely no contact with the outside world; and if you decide to leave you may never return, and if you leave, you most certainly will wind up dead.

In the 8 years that Calvin Cooper has been sheriff, he has maintained an uneasy peace with the residents. Now in the past two months, he has been forced to deal with a suicide and now a murder. Cooper assisted by his colleagues, investigate the crime where anyone might have a motive and the skills to carry it out. The arrival of agents to help with the investigation, stir up more unease and suspicion among a population unused to dealing with people from the outside world, adding more chaos to a volatile situation. Could a town full of criminals who’ve forgotten their crimes ever change?

Sternberg writes a compelling fast-paced novel full of unexpected twists and turns. Told through multiple perspectives, readers are sure to enjoy this genre-bending mystery with elements of a western thrown in. Fans who’ve enjoyed Cormac McCarthys’ No Country for Old Men and Craig Johnsons’ The Highway Man are sure to enjoy this novel.

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