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The Obelisk Gate
The Obelisk Gate By Jemisin, N. K Book - 2016 | First edition.

The Obelisk Gate is part two of The Shattered Earth Trilogy, and with uncanny imagination and detailed knowledge, author N.K. Jemisin continues to build a world that is complex, wondrous and unforgiving. The story picks up pretty much where the riveting first part (The Fifth Season) ended, Essun has discovered a hidden underground society, the world's ecosystem is collapsing because of the actions of her one time teacher and lover, Alabaster Tenring. Nassun is still desperate to find her daughter, Nassun, who had been spirited away by her former husband after he had murdered their son. What Essun doesn't realize is that Nsasun has become involved with Schaffa, the Guardian who almost killed Essun (more than once) in the name of protection.

The storyline is complicated, but that's what makes it so compelling, along with the strong-willed assortment of fascinating characters that populate this world. With the literal destruction of the planet on the line, and immense power being bandied about by individuals, the stakes are high. And what about the mysterious Stone Eaters? Will they help humanity or destroy it?

Jemisin's imagination seems boundless, and her writing is top notch. Detailed and emotional, yet infused with an urgency that propels the reader ever onward. I usually take a break between parts of a series, and I have to because I don't have the third volume at hand, but I've ordered it and will start as soon as it arrives!

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