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The Obelisk Gate
The Obelisk Gate By Jemisin, N. K Book - 2016 | First edition.

I found this novel to be a very strong follow up to The Fifth Season- which, on the surface, seems like an extremely difficult task. Sophomore efforts often feel like filler, or take the story far off course from the direction and feel of the first. Jemisin continues the story without a hitch, giving us more of the characters that we loved (or loved to hate) from the first; Essun, Alabaster, Schaffa, Tonkee and Hoa, and we get brand new characters and perspectives in Nassun, Jija, Ykka, Hjarka, and many others. The story jumps back in between Essun and Nassun- Essun finds the comm of Castrima, and finds a home among the orogenes and stills that reside there, and learns from Alabaster how to control the obelisks. Nassun and her father's story follows their journey from Tirimo to the comm of Found Moon in the south, where Nassun can hone her skills and learn from orogenes and guardians alike about her powers. The second person narrative was easier to get into this time, and I found myself heavily invested in the story. The story itself was so immersive that at times I had a hard time getting into it, but then also had a hard time putting it down. There were some slow points mid-way, but the last hundred pages or so were riveting. I will definitely be rounding out the trilogy sometime soon.

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