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The Obelisk Gate
The Obelisk Gate By Jemisin, N. K Book - 2016 | First edition.

Somehow this book manages to be even more full on than the previous book in the series. There's a bit of fluffing around towards the end, before the climax, but as always Jemisin keeps you on the edge of your seat.

We get to read from Nassun's perspective which is interesting. Sometimes I just kind of want to strangle her or lock her in a room with her mother so they can figure things out. I get being frustrated with your parents but throw in orogeny and you're on a whole other level. To be fair though Jija is an idiot.

Essun definitely gets her worldview shifted in this book and of course Alabaster does a lot of the shifting but we get to meet some non-fulcrum trained orogenies and see how they taught themselves and what they learned.

I'm still not entirely sure who is on what side though I'm assuming since Essun is the main character and she has her goal given to her by Alabaster and supported by Hoa that this is the side we should be supporting too. I just don't know who else is on their team.

The ending was just an absolute climax as usual so I really need to get into the next book ASAP to see if YES I DID JUST READ THAT!

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