We Were Eight Years in Power
We Were Eight Years in Power An American Tragedy By Coates, Ta-Nehisi Book - 2017 | First edition.

I have not read this yet, but did read some of those essays in The Atlantic, not a mag I would recommend - - last really decent story in there was back in 1973 or thereabouts.
This fellow falls into the extremely large class of writers/pundits who believe the politician is at the head of the food chain - - still cannot believe such ignorance and gullibility exists today, but that is part and parcel of the massive pop culture indoctrination to that effect.
The Clintons and Obama, were [are??] owned by BlackRock [an offshoot of the Blackstone Group, founded with Rockefeller family seed money] or at least its proxies. Hillary Clinton's chief advisor [was her name Cheryl Mills or Miller???] was with BlackRock at that time, Bill Clinton received free office space and major donations from the Blackstone Group during his first presidential campaign, and the major donor to President Obama was BlackRock, which he rewarded with that Pentagon/DoD move to privatize their pensions awhile back, which benefitted BlackRock. Politicians are simply those minions of the super-rich above us.

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