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We Were Eight Years in Power
We Were Eight Years in Power An American Tragedy By Coates, Ta-Nehisi Book - 2017 | First edition.

This is another book that I felt was essential to read right now with the renewed attention towards the Black Lives Matters movement. This book is a compilation of some of Coates’ essays, therefore you do not need to read the whole book, or even the chapters in order. However, each one is more moving than the last, and I highly suggest reading all of them. Personally, my favourite was in the 6th “year” (chapter), with the essay, The Case for Reparations. The thing about this book is that yes, it is somewhat opinionated, but everything is backed up by statistics, facts, interviews, and personal narrative, making it really hard to ignore all of the things being said. I fully believe that everyone should read this book, it has impacted my thoughts and day-to-day actions an unfathomable amount (more than any other piece of literature ever has). 5/5
@LucindatheGreen of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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