Jefferson's Daughters
Jefferson's Daughters Three Sisters, White and Black, in A Young America By Kerrison, Catherine, 1953- Book - 2018 | First edition.

Really didn't think I would get all the way through this book. So many details; so little time. Oh, in the time of CoVid/SIP, so much time!
Is it worth it? I'd say, if you can skim/read fast, OK. You get a better picture of Thomas Jefferson and the flawed man he was. Of course, he was good and more benevolent to his slaves than many men of his era, but make no mistake, he enslaved human beings who he thought were intrinsically less than he.
Opened my eyes in a different way to the subjugation/disparate treatment of all women in that time. Yes, White MALE, then everyone else. But, of course, black women on the bottom (perhaps literally as well as figuratively, in this case.)
A lot of book.

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