Redemption By Baldacci, David Book - 2019 | First edition.

This novel starts off as a 2 star, but towards the end, as more is revealed, it climbed in my estimation to 3.5 stars. Decker becomes involved in a solving a cold murder case in his old hometown in which he was the lead detective - a newbie just starting out in his career. Decker faces the possibility that he helped convict the wrong man and, now, many years later, tries to clear that wrongly convicted man. There are several twists in the plot which made it relatively interesting, but Baldacci does put in a lot of fillers - quips, conversations, and information about Decker's background - that I just skim over - especially the descriptions of his past football career. This author, like Michael Connelly, has aging main characters in this novel.

gloryb's rating:
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