I loved this movie. I lived as an adult thru this time & remember it all very well. I liked the way this movie ended. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane with the music & tv shows. It made the movie more believable.

Note--the following is historical fact--
At the start of the movie, I think the guy that walked up to the Sharon Tate house was Charlie Manson- he said he was looking for Terry...that Terry was a record producer at the time.
Charlie wanted to be a rock star but didn't have the talent so Terry did not sign him. This made Charlie mad & he wanted revenge against Terry. (this is true historical fact)

Dennis Wilson was also mentioned, he was the drummer with the BeachBoys & he also knew Charlie. So there is the beginning connection with Charlie Manson -he wanted to kill both Dennis & Terry for revenge. Note- Terry is Terry Melcher, the son of Doris Day.

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