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Silence Is A Sense
Silence Is A Sense A Novel By AlAmmar, Layla Book - 2021 | First edition.

A Syrian refugee writes about her new life in the U.K., and the harrowing events she had along the way to a place she thought would be safe. She is a freelance writer turning in thoughtful pieces about war and politics and (some say unbelievable) essays on the harrowing experiences during her flight. She is mute due to the trauma in her life, which continues into her new life in England. Her first -person narrative is intertwined with her posts to an online magazine. Despite her best efforts to stay out of the lives of her neighbors, she becomes deeply involved in them, beginning with her mute observations through windows of the apartments (apparently few close the curtains no matter what is going on inside) through to relationships with several. Very well written.

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