I'm pretty sure I haven't read any other book by the author, but as an introduction to his imagination this title did a good job.
If his other titles are of the same level of skill then I'd be happy to have a few more ready to read.
I'd describe the story as real science fiction, like the classics, which at their best gave you a sense of wonder and excitement at the possibilities out in the wild dark yonder.
I'm sure there are faults but I was sufficently engrossed not to notice, and liked that the characters were individual and unique, and human, with flaws, which contributed to the difficulties they had to surmount.
I loathe spoilers so I'll refrain from describing the plot, except to say it was satisfying to the end, and I'd recommend the author to any fan of the genre.
I'm going to seek out more of the author's works, since this novel has whetted my interest.

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