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Willow By Hoban, Julia Downloadable Audiobook - 2009

Willow has trauma. Trauma from the night her parents drank too much wine and had her drive home. Trauma from when she lost control of the car. Trauma from when she lived and her parents didn’t. She hides her trauma with razor blades. But, she soon meets Guy who discovers her deepest secrets and becomes determined to save her.

This book was insensitive and an injustice to the mental health community, plus an insult to those who suffer from self-injury. Willow plays with the idea that falling in love with someone can solve self-injury. This idea is extremely detrimental to the public’s perception of those who self-injure and is a message that should not be spread. The storyline and writing are poor and the characters are all stereotypes. I give this book a 1/5.

TW: This book is incredibly triggering. There are very graphic descriptions of self-injury. Please be very, very, very careful if you read this book.

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