The Secret History of the American Empire
The Secret History of the American Empire Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth About Global Corruption By Perkins, John, 1945- Book - 2007

Publlishers Weekly commenter says: "Typically, a shadowy figure pulls him aside, insists on anonymity, then reveals all. Critics will rightfully accuse Perkins of dreadful journalism and a taste for conspiracy theories. Yet economists admit that loans and "expert advice" to poor nations are often harmful." It is not so much "conspiracy theories" as the reviewer complains, but that Perkins appears to be double dipping: he makes the big bucks being a stooge and lackey of the super-rich, then wishes to cash in with his writing and books. Perkins was too cowardly to even name the "economic hitman company" he worked at [Cabot Corporation, and Booz Allen, and probably other companies, were doing the same], and his late comer's status is highly suspicious. From the time that John J. McCloy was head of the World Bank, in the early 1950s, and denied loans to Guatemala becase they were restructuring their country's land reform, making it more equitable for the farmers and farm workers, which was anathema to the bankster-gangster class, this predatory rapacious capitalistic criminal behavior has been going on, but occasionally, as with the S&L theft/meltdown, over 900 banksters were convicted and sent to jail, but this time no bankster-gangster has been sent to jail and the S&L was so miniscule in comparison to the trillions stolen this time!

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