3.8 stars. (No spoilers) The last two books in this series were pretty good imo and are making the series a worthwile read (the 1st few didn't do it for me). Last 1/4 of this book is great. KH developed an interesting plot twist at the end that leaves interesting options for future books.

Unfortunately I had accidently read a UNCOVERED (darnit!) spoiler about exactly why Rachel is "special" so, if I hadn't know that, the end would have been even better for me. Careful readers!

Nice to see that KH allowed Rachel to learn from her past mistakes and attempt more responsible decisions for herself.

Why does KM keep making excuses for Trent to be a jerk? Just when we can start to sympathize or understand his driven needs, he does something to make us hate him. He is who he is...changes in him have started but they are progressing slowly.

We'll see what comes next...

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