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Every Day Is for the Thief
Every Day Is for the Thief Fiction By Cole, Teju Book - 2014 | First U.S. edition.

I was a little disappointed that this book was not quite at the level as Cole's first novel Open City, which took a similar approach of a narrator giving impressions and revealing memories as he wanders around a city. But while Open City added a few plot elements which played off this charming, introspective background to almost shocking effect, Every Day does not. In some ways this makes sense, as this book was largely written before Open City, and has simply been reworked and published after it. The writing is less assured and Cole stumbles a couple of times when trying to transition through time in his narration, making it seem like this indeed is his first novel.

Still there are scenes of great power and the descriptions and observations are often quite startling. One hopes that Cole's talent is still developing, because if so then the next book should be amazing.

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