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DIVE DEEP! Summer Reading for Adults
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Explore imaginations and understandings of the ocean world, from the science of dolphins and whales, mermaid myths or even "coral" art!
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
The Deep The Deep eBook - 2019
Saga Press
Mermaid Mermaid
A Twist on the Classic Tale
eBook - 2011
Spying on Whales Spying on Whales
The Past, Present, and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures
eBook - 2018
The Deep The Deep eBook - 2020
Penguin Publishing Group
Spineless Spineless
The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing A Backbone
eBook - 2017
Riverhead Books
The Soul of An Octopus The Soul of An Octopus
A Surprising Exploration Into the Wonder of Consciousness
eBook - 2015
Atria Books
The Wave The Wave
In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean
eBook - 2010
Voices in the Ocean Voices in the Ocean
A Journey Into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins
eBook - 2015
In Oceans Deep In Oceans Deep
Courage, Innovation, and Adventure Beneath the Waves
eBook - 2019
Little, Brown and Company
Pirate Hunters Pirate Hunters
The Search for the Golden Fleece
Downloadable Audiobook - 2014
Random House
The Whale The Whale
A Love Story
Downloadable Audiobook - 2016
Mermaids Mermaids Streaming Video - 2017
Gravitas Ventures LLC
Angel Azul Angel Azul Streaming Video - 2015
Kanopy Streaming
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