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Dec 04, 2019
I am 90% of the way done, and i just want to make one comment. This book is NOT a guide for how you act if you find out a loved one is being abused. If you EVER learn about an abusive situation even CLOSE to resembling Evan's you DO NOT STAY SILENT. This is a life and death situation. You do NOT (like Henry does) stay silent for 3 months. You offer support like making a safety plan with them. Offer up ideas on how to escape the situation. Offer to have them live with you or a relative and make a detailed plan for how it would work out (how they could continue school, work, and stay safely away from their abuser). Tell them about Support networks and hotlines, whether it is the National Domestic Violence support line, or a therapist. Tell them IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT. Abusers are masterminds at convincing the victim it is their fault, and even convincing them they need to die. You would NEVER forgive yourself if your friend died at the hands of their abuser, or by their own hands because of the abuse.(HENRY) MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, PRINCIPALS: if you see signs of abuse on a child, or an adult, DO NOT PRETEND IT'S NOT THERE, or that it's not your responsibility, you only aggravate the situation and confirm to the victim that they deserve to be in this situation, abused and despised. Conclusion about the book: The author does an incredible job portraying the abuse and they types of abuse that can occur, especially in situations where we wouldn't expect it (from a mother to her son, from a wife to her husband). The author also does an moving job of portraying the life of a victim: what he experiences, what he thinks, what he goes through, and especially the consequences of the abuse in his daily life. We see how he hides the abuse, and we see how a victim could be many people in our lives and we wouldn't expect it. We see how it perpetuates, and damages him psychologically. We want to help him with all our hears and hence my rant above. I know the people in his life are human, they make mistakes and some of them are still in high school. We could all handle an abuse victim or a case of abuse incorrectly, hence my rant above. Over all, this is a beautiful book that is a must read for generations to come. So people all over the world can open up their eyes to the horrors that can occur, yet still see the beauty that can rise above it.