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Sep 02, 2021Ebstar rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
This is: Toxic, shattering, and demanding. Reasoning: Well, I love writing bad reviews. TBH, it got annoying. Well, who would wanna read (for their entire day) on Sophie and Hort kissing each others butts? Sophie is a queen and Hort a wimp and a buffoon. Classic fairy-tale. Two poor guys tryna escape a death trap and flee to their *true lovvveeee* #ew But I need a little more epic action (more like save your future spouse from a magical remodeled Voldemort/ IT/ gangsta instead of a buffoon who chooses to wear skims instead of clothes). BTW, Rhian and Japeth weren’t made the normal way. Duh, so if you’re wondering if you can give this to your little brother, it’s fine, totally fine. ‘Cause you gotta keep it under 9+, righttt? Oh yeah and besides that, I recommend it. Bye bye!