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May 05, 2017USAF1969 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This is the 16th book in the Joe Pickett series by C. J. Box - VICIOUS CIRCLE. Love his books and the Joe Pickett character. These books are modern western and set in Wyoming. Pickett is a state game warden and the books are all about six things: his family life (which starts out with his wife and three young daughters); game and fish management and enforcement (emphasis on the latter); other crimes he seems to stumble into; a close relationship he has with a Native American who is a former special ops figure; Wyoming wilderness, and the encounters he has with his own values and decisions related to the law and enforcing it. This book follows on those themes and if you like the Pickett books, this one will be another treat for sure! If you are new to the Picket novels, these books build on one another as time passes and his family grows up. So if that's the case, you might want to start with the first in the series, OPEN SEASON published in 2001 and go from there. Enjoy!