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Dress Codes

How the Laws of Fashion Made History

Ford, Richard T.
Book, 2021

391.009 FORD

Bad Girls of Fashion

Style Rebels From Cleopatra to Lady Gaga

Croll, Jennifer
Book, 2016

391.20922 CROLL

Why'd They Wear That?

Fashion as the Mirror of History

Albee, Sarah
Book, 2015

J391.009 ALBEE

Putting on the Dog

The Animal Origins of What We Wear

Kwasny, Melissa
Book, 2019

391.009 KWASNY

时尚简史 : 一本书带你读懂时尚

yi ben shu dai ni du dong shi shang

Cuvillier, Dominique
Book, 2018


The Fashion Book

Black, Alexandra
Book, 2014


A Matter of Fashion

20 Iconic Items That Changed the History of Style

Book, 2013

391.009 MATTER

Bad Boys of Fashion

Style Rebels and Renegades Through the Ages

Croll, Jennifer
Book, 2019

391.10922 CROLL


historia y estilos

Book, 2019

SP 391.009 MODA

Fashion Rebels

Style Icons Who Changed the World Through Fashion

Beccia, Carlyn
Book, 2016


Couture Confessions

Fashion Legends in Their Own Words

Golbin, Pamela
Book, 2016

746.92092 GOLBIN

Nautical Chic

Butchart, Amber
Book, 2015

746.9209 BUTCHART

The Dress

100 Ideas That Changed Fashion Forever

Fogg, Marnie
Book, 2014

391.47209 FOGG

The Fashion Book

Book, 2013

746.92 FASHION


The Whole Story

Book, 2013

746.92 FASHION

Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible

The Fascinating History of Everything in your Closet

Gunn, Tim
Book, 2012

746.92 GUNN


The Definitive History of Costume and Style

Book, 2012

391.009 FASHION

When Royals Wore Ruffles

A Funny & Fashionable Alphabet!

McLaren, Chesley
Book, 2009

J391.009 MCLAREN

They Wore What?!

The Weird History of Fashion and Beauty

Platt, Richard
Book, 2007

J391.009 PLATT

The Language of Fashion

Barthes, Roland
Book, 2006


Dressed for the Occasion

What Americans Wore 1620-1970

Miller, Brandon Marie
Book, 1999

J391.00973 MILLER


Rowland-Warne, L.
Book, 1992


The Chronicle of Western Fashion

From Ancient Times to the Present Day

Peacock, John
Book, 1991

391.009 PEACOCK

Killer Style

How Fashion Has Injured, Maimed, & Murdered Through History

McMahon, Serah-Marie
Book, 2019

J391.009 MCMAHON

Know-it-all Fashion

The 50 Key Modes, Garments & Designers, Each Explained in Under A Minute

Book, 2018

746.92 THIRTY

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